Hello and wow, what a week that was running up to the crazy holiday weekend of December 4th-6th. I took numsi to the Walker Art Center for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I had magical helpers take numsi to the No Coast Craft-o-Rama for Friday and Saturday, and I met someone wonderful who took a box of stuff down to Rochester for me so that I could participate in Sunday’s winter trunk show. Phew. It was a little on the exhausting side, but a really great experience, all in all. I met some lovely people with great wares at the Walker, including John Danicic my immediate neighbor selling the lovely Stirsby; mine has had some heavy use already and I believe I may have solved at least one gift-giving dilemma. It was lovely to meet a twitter buddy, the delightful Michele Heidel of Fennel Studio my saviour in the trip to Rochester dilemma. I saw Michelle again this weekend at the Monster Drawing Rally at Midway Contemporary Art and I am hoping that she is one of those people I will just keep bumping into! Fab girl. I was fortunate enough to be situated opposite Caitlin Wicker’s phenomenal Sweater Toys which were a feast for the eyes, and also diagonally across from the gorgeous clocks of Pilot Design. All in all, it was a great experience and setting up shop in the cavernous Target Gallery was both a treat and a delight.
But now, back to business! I am in the process of uploading images of all the new stuff that got created for the Weekend of Crazy. T-shirts, calendars, mirrors, magnets, message blocks.. they aren’t going to upload themselves, fabulous as they are and all. So stay tuned as I slowly plough my way through them. I am also working away on a wholesale catalogue and order form for all the lovely people who made enquiries about stocking numsi products. Busy busy. Finally, I signed up for Free Shipping Day, which means that anyone in the US can order from numsi on December 17th and get free shipping on their order with delivery guaranteed by Christmas Eve. As alphabetical luck would have it, we are currently positioned next to Nordstrom, which can be no bad thing… fingers crossed all those seekers of Nordstrom goods will be dazzled by the lovely green-ness of the numsi logo and forget where it was they were headed. In a sort of Jedi mind-trick type way, one would hope. And so, maybe I should put the countdown widget here… for the next three days at least.
Stay Warm!