I'm Calling It : June is the new January

Designing a Happy Life - June is the new January

Plans and visions and dreams, oh my. Resolutions and promises and the desire to start anew. The pressure we put on ourselves to recreate ourselves every single time that January the 1st rolls around. Oy.

Despite my better intentions and my relentlessly optimistic planner self, every single year, by the time January 1st rolls around, I have spent so much energy on trying to enjoy family life and the holidays at the exact same time as I try and get caught up on a huge backlog of work… plus all my free time and thinking space goes into finding The. Perfect. System… that I actually have nothing left to give.

All action grounds to a halt. Then every year I declare February to be the new January, and yet… I still find myself knee-deep in last year’s preoccupations. So this year I’m making a big change. I’m calling it here. Not March - that one flew by in a swirl of snowstorms and sick kids - not even April, or May, they both went down in a whirlwind of Getting Things Done. June. June is the new January. 

So this year, my June resolution is to steer the ship in the direction I want to travel, and keep it moving. No more obsessively planning the route, it’s time to go forward. So without further ado, I’m taking down my coming soon page and (re) launching Designing a Happy Life today. It’s not a birthday or an anniversary or a special day, but it is A Day. And it is time. Is everything finished? No. Even a little bit? Nope. Do I have my full range of products up and running or an established blog schedule? Er, no. Photographs? Nope. Lists of things I want to achieve before I launch? By the bucketload. But, if I wait for perfection, I’ll be waiting forever. 

So here’s to June being the new January and for each of us to design the life we want to live, and go forth and make it happen. I declare this little corner of the internets open for dreamers and planners and action takers.

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