Got big plans for this quarter? Got all the irons in the fire and need to make sure that you don't drop any of them? Got things to plan and get done for the whole family and want to make sure that there's still some time left for you? The best way to see what you have to do, is to literally look at everything that you have to do. Get it all out on paper, on one gloriously large spacious spread with room to put down and contemplate all the moving parts.

The Designing a Happy Life vertical quarterly vertical planner is perfect if you think about and plan your time in terms of weeks. At the beginning of each week, there is space to plot your focus and goals. At the end of each week, there is space to track your results. 

This undated version allows you to start whenever you like - Monday is a great day to start new things.

Each day has six color-coded check boxes, for tracking whatever it is that you need to keep an eye on. Maybe you allocate one box per family member or maybe you use them to track your social media following - you get to choose - and track - exactly what matters to you. 

What gets measured, gets results. With this planner you can see at a glance with each week the progress you are making towards your goals. Keep it simple. Keep moving forward. Plan your quarter, beautifully.

Quarterly Vertical Wall Planner Blue - Undated $36.00
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